Giyotin Film

The Disappeared




“The Disappeared” is an irony ridden drama, set in a small traditional town in Turkey where sudden disappearances of men create an atmosphere of panic and gradually lead to a satirical reversal of gender roles. One day, the men begin to lock themselves in their homes out of fear, as their friends are disappearing one by one, from the face of the earth. And the women start handling their sad jobs that eventually changes the whole power dynamic in this small patriarchal town. The protagonist Ahmet is the owner of a cheap stationary shop. His wife Dilek is a housewife who never leaves the house and is being abused by him. As the mysterious vanishings continue, Ahmet decides to imprison himself at home. Slowly, he drifts into an insane state of mind with blurred lines between his nightmares and reality whereas his wife becomes the breadwinner of the house. The thought of Dilek out there destroys Ahmet’s soul every day as he shrivels away into invisibility.

Written by Ramin Matin and Hakan Bıçakçı

Directed by Ramin Matin

A Turkish - German Co-Production : Emine Yıldırım ( Giyotin Film), Aslı Erdem (Beatrice Film), Undine Filter (Departures Film)


Markets and Awards:

2015 Turkish Ministry of Culture Cineme Screenplay Development Grant

2015 Thessaloniki Film Festival Crossroads Co-Production Market (MFI Award)

2016 Berlinale Talent Project Market